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Welcome to the Unofficial Home Page of the ISC 98 Batch of Loyolites




1) Poem - Gone Are The Days - By Vivek Prabhakar (Prabhu)

2) The Wall Comes Tumbling Down - By Krishnachandran (In the 1998 edition of the Loyolite. (COMING SOON)



1) Thomman breaks his leg. The One-Legged Army cook hides his frustration by shooting emails attacking the rest of the class.

2) Motta, Ponnan and Muthu react with stories, previously dead and buried which are putting our pattalam to shame.

3) Naga changes his cell-phone number! As usual he is on the RUN... from our favorite bhabhiji-Rema!!!

4) Muthu's new look...A thick french beard!!! It seems somebody told him he looks like Shankar Mahadevan.

5) Mini-Gettogether in Bangalore. Attendees - 6, When - February 21, Reason - Vince's Visit . Also present where Ganesh, Apu, Nevil, China and Ponnan (the reporter). Chaks missed out. News - Vince's philosophy (The OH group of alcohol has infected my right cerebrum which has resulted in am imbalance btw my right and left halfs) and China is a TANK!!!

6) BAKRA - Chakka frames an SMS saying he is getting engaged on the 30th of last month and everyone is invited, things happened fast and thats why he is messaging. Everybody calls back forgetting February had just 29 days. The responses were funny, says chakka. Kitcha was a worried man and annan response took the cake...he has a meeting in mumbai and wont be able to make it!!!!!!!!!